“Why do I have to pay for shipping? Can I have my photos delivered to school?”

If we receive your order on or before picture day, your photos will be delivered to school pronto and there will be no shipping charges. You can use our envelope (which should have been sent home with your student several days earlier) or use our online pre-order system. Orders received after picture day are processed separately and shipped to your house. Reason being, we don’t want your school to be constantly having to distribute photos for us – they’ve got much more important things to do!

"Do I have to pay for shipping if I pre-order?"

No, not unless you would rather have your photos delivered directly to your house.  All pre-orders (online and envelope) are delivered to your school and sent home with your student with no shipping charge(During online pre-order checkout, shipping will show up but is removed on the final screen.)

“I placed my order days ago.Where’s my stuff?”

Unlike amazon.com, we don’t keep a distribution center full of photos ready to be shipped out; and that’s a good thing! Your student’s photos receive our personalized attention. They are custom cropped and touched up, no charge in most cases, then transmitted to our professional lab for printing. Once we receive your photos, they are lovingly packed and dropped off for shipping to your house. This entire process can take up to 3 weeks during our busy season.

“If I order a digital download, can I make my own prints?”

Yes! In fact, downloads are meant to be printed. You will receive a copyright release along with your file that you can present to your favorite photo-printing place and all should be good.

"I ordered a digital download and I never received a link or the link is not working."

-If you ordered online:  First, check your spam, junk or trash folder.  Emails with live html links often get zapped by spam filters.  If you get an email with a 'non-clickable' link, just copy and paste the entire link into your favorite internet browser and you should be able to access the download.
-If you ordered using our pre-pay envelope:  Your file will be emailed to the address you give us on the envelope as soon as we have processed your school's photos. (Don't forget to check your spam folders before you contact us.)

“Can I screen-shot my photos from your website and share them with my homies?”

Sure, as long as they still show our big ol’ ugly watermark. Or, even easier, just use our fancy photo sharing button and blast them out via your favorite social media site. (Hint: if you purchase a digital download, you can print and share to your heart’s content- with no watermark!)

“Can I scan my prints and make dozens of copies to send to Hollywood?”

Nope, not without a copyright release. But you can always order more from us and we’ll always be happy to hear from you.

On picture day:

“I was sick.”

“I was gone to a livestock show”

“I was still on vacation”

“I forgot it was picture day and my hair looked awful’

More than likely, there’s a makeup day coming to your school, so all is not lost.

Seniors: If you couldn’t be with us for your senior formals or you know you’re going to be sick or out of town, you will automatically be included in your school's makeup session.  Please make plans to be present, because your school makeup day is your last chance for Senior Formal photos.

PK-11th grade: Makeup days usually happen 4-6 weeks after picture day and we will work diligently to find and photograph you. Check our calendar or check with your school secretary to see if and when makeups have been scheduled.

Team sports: Sorry, we can’t schedule a makeup session for team sports. But in most cases, we can photograph your player at another time. Contact us we’ll work it out.

“I saw my photos on garnerstudio.net and they’re just terrible! Can I re-take them?”

We want you to be happy with your school pictures, but we also have to keep re-takes to a minimum. If you purchased a package on or before picture day, bring them back on makeup day and we’ll happily photograph you again and send new prints. If you didn’t purchase a package the first time around, we require that you purchase at least a minimum package on or before makeup day to be photographed again.

“Can I re-do my senior formal pictures?”

Maybe.  And depending on what went wrong the first time around, there may be a small fee.  Also, senior retakes / makeups are rolled in with the rest of your school makeup day.  We don't have a dedicated senior makeup day, so it's always best to be present for your Senior Formal day at the beginning of the school year.  Contact us and we’ll let you know your options.

"I had a huge zit on my forehead on picture day.  Can that be fixed"

In most cases, yes.  In fact, if you have placed an order for school pictures, our editor will make sure you look your best before we print you. And there's no extra fee. Only in rare cases such as the morning after a boxing tournament will your photos need to be re-taken.  Contact us if you have any concerns.

“I want to order pictures from last year, but they’re no longer on your site. Are they still available?”

Yes! But as much as we would love to keep an online treasure trove of all past school years, space limits us to just the current year. We do however keep your photos from past years archived away in case of an emergency. Contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

“Do you still have my photos from 1996?”


Contact us and we'll talk.

"I need to schedule a date and time for my football team / chess club.  What do you have available?"

We're available during regular school hours, immediately before and after plus a handful of Saturdays in August.  Your best bet is to check your school calendar and compare with our calendar to get an idea of what we have open.  Then contact our master scheduler and we'll set it up.


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