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Garner Studio serves many school districts and youth leagues in our area.  To find your photos, please visit our School Photos section and login or create an account.  

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Check our event calendar for the latest on where we'll be in the coming weeks, plus delivery notices when photos are delivered to your school.

Need to Pre-Order?

Pre-Orders are accepted on or before the day of your event.  You can use our envelope which your student received, or pre-order online.

Latest News

"I forgot it was picture day..."

We'll be wrapping up our yearbook photo season in the next couple of weeks. Next up is what some people call "re-take" day, where we go back and re-do photos that just don't quite measure up.  Well, yes and no.  We like to call it our make-up session and that means we're coming back to photograph those who were absent the first time around plus any new students who enrolled late.  While we are there we will photograph anyone who was not satisfied with the photos they purchased.

Remember:  If you previously purchased photos from our yearbook session and are not happy with the way you look, for any reason, simply bring your prints back during our makeup session and we'll happily photograph you again and replace your package.  If you did not purchase the first time around, but still want your photos re-done, we require a package purchase (envelope or pre-order) on or before the makeup session date.

Check your school's calendar to find our when makeups are scheduled, or watch our online calendar.  If we missed you last time, we'll find you this time.  If you need to have your previous photos re-done, you'll have to find us.


Sanger Youth Sports

Sanger Youth football photos have been delivered to your commissioner, so your coach should be receiving them soon.  If you paid for shipping, these are on their way via USPS and you'll be receiving them this week!  We appreciate the parents and coaches at SYS for being so easy to work with.

Also, this year Garner Studio has designed and furnished player cards to display on the jumbotron at Sanger High School! These little guys work hard and we hope we've made them proud.

The Great Banner Debacle

We want to apologize for the delay on some vinyl sports banners.  If you placed your banner order after the photo shoot, in some cases your banner was not delivered in what we consider a timely manner.  Our lab, which does a fantastic job and has always been reliable has experienced unusually high volume in recent weeks.  They, like us, are sometimes overwhelmed.  We are currently taking steps to ensure that this doesn't happen in the future.

As always, the fastest way to receive your order is to use our envelope (turned in on the day of your event) or use our online pre-order link. 

Welcome Ponder Lions!

We want to say thanks to the parents and coaches at Ponder ISD for inviting us to work as your team sports photographer this year.  We've enjoyed the time spent so far and look forward to working with everyone in the future. 
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